FAQ: Lease Agreement

Do you require a Lease?

Yes, leases are required for all rentals.

What type of leases do you offer?

​​​​​​​We offer six and twelve month leases.

Do you charge an application fee?

Yes, $40.00 per person over the age of 18.

Do you check credit?

Yes, we run a credit check for anyone over the age of 18.

Do you have any income requirements or restrictions?

Yes. One week’s guaranteed income must be equal to or greater than the amount of rent on the apartment that has been applied for. We do not accept tips, commission or financial aid as income because it is not guaranteed.

Do you allow subletting or co-signing?

No, subletting and/or co-signing are not permitted.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes,  a security deposit is required for rentals.

Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes, when you move out upon move out inspection.

Will I get a full refund of my deposit when I move out?

We may make deductions from your deposit when you vacate for the following:

  1. Final water or any other utility bill.
  2. Damage beyond what is considered normal wear and tear.
  3. Carpet cleaning.
  4. Painting and cleaning.
When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of each month. If it is not paid by the 5th of the month it is considered late and a $25 late fee will be charged.

Can rent be paid by cash or credit card?

Rent may be paid with a check, money order or credit card.  We do not accept cash payments.

Where do I send my rent payments?

You may drop payments off at the Apartment Mart office at 912 N. Linden Street, Bloomington or the Wingover leasing office at 1016 Haeffele Way, Bloomington.  Also, you may mail them to PO Box 670, Bloomington, IL  61702.

Can I add or remove a roommate?

If you would like to add a roommate to your lease they must fill out a rental application, pay the $40 application fee and be approved before being added to a lease.


If you want to remove a roommate from the lease you and your roommate must fill out and sign a Roommate Removal form. The Roommate Removal form states that the person moving out forfeits any rights to the security deposit and the person staying in the apartment accepts full responsibility for the rent and other fees.

What is your lease breakage policy?

We offer two options to break a lease.  Option 1, the tenant gives a written 30 day notice, pays two months’ rent and forfeits the security deposit.  In this case the tenant will be charged for any painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, maintenance and any other charges not included in the monthly rent.  Option 2, the tenant gives a written 30 day notice to vacate and agrees to continue to pay rent until the apartment is re-rented or the lease expires.  If a rent special was applied to your account at move-in, this amount will also be included in your lease breakage fees.

What happens when I fulfill my lease?

Before your lease expires you will receive a renewal letter in the mail.  You will be given the option to renew your lease for one year or you may renew the lease on a month to month basis.  If you choose the month to month option, your rent may increase.

Do I need renter's insurance?

We do not require you to purchase renter’s insurance, but we do encourage it.

Do you accept Section 8?

No, we do not accept Section 8.

Can you hold an apartment?

Yes, we can hold an apartment with a paid security deposit.

How long can you hold an apartment with the security deposit?

We can hold an apartment with the security deposit for 30 days.

How many keys do I get when I move in?

We provide you with two keys to the apartment and two mailbox keys if you have a locked mailbox. If you want to make extra copies you are welcome to do so.