FAQ: Property Details

What utilities are paid?

It depends on the property.  Some locations have water and/or gas paid.  Some of our newer locations have internet service included.  At most of our locations the tenant will be responsible for the gas, water and electricity.

What do you provide in the apartments?

We provide the range, refrigerator and window coverings in all of our apartments. Other items such as dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave and washer/dryer may also be provided.

What type of parking is provided?

All of the properties have off-street parking. Some locations also have carports or garages.

How do I look at an apartment?

Come in to the Apartment Mart office during our regular business hours and we will check out a key to you for any vacant apartment.

Do you allow pets?

We do not allow pets in any of our apartments or townhomes, with the exception of birds and fish.

Do I need renter's insurance?

We do not require you to purchase renter’s insurance, but we do encourage it.

Do you spray periodically for bugs?

We spray the apartments for bugs as needed. If you have bugs or insects in your apartment you can call the leasing office and we will have our pest control come out and spray your apartment.

What is the price range for your apartments?
  • Efficiencies are $450 to $475
  • One bedrooms are $465 to $850
  • Two bedrooms are $575 to $950
  • Three bedrooms are $875 to $1350
Can I change my locks?

In order to change the apartment’s locks you must receive approval from the leasing office.

Refuse Collection

Most of our properties have access to private refuse collection.  The dumpsters are located on the property and are emptied at least once a week on a set schedule.  Please help control the cleanliness of the property by always taking your trash to the dumpster immediately, placing the garbage inside the dumpster and closing the lid to the dumpster.


For those residents that do not have a dumpster on site for refuse please contact the City of Bloomington Public Works Department at (309) 434-2220 for schedules and information.

Satellite Dish Service

Apartment Mart has installed satellite dishes on the buildings at the following locations:


  • 2101-2303 G. E. Road – The Ponds
  • 1285-1289 Healing Stone Court
  • 1801-1807 Tullamore Avenue
  • 41, 60 and 70 Yotzonot Drive
  • Wingover Luxury Apartments and Townhomes


If you live at one of these locations and would like to sign up for satellite dish service please call Hill Radio Communications at (309) 663-2141. If you would like to set up satellite dish service at another location please call the Apartment Mart office for a list of requirements and restrictions.


All automobiles parked on Apartment Mart’s property must be in operable condition and have current license plates and tags. Failure to comply will result in notice and/or towing of the automobile at the tenant’s expense.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding assigned parking please call the Apartment Mart office during regular office hours.