FAQ: Tenants

Who do I call for maintenance?

During regular business hours you can call the leasing office at 827-8576 and give your request to the maintenance secretary or one of the leasing agents. In the event of a maintenance emergency after office hours you may call our on-call service at 827-8579.

How many keys do I get when I move in?

We provide you with two keys to the apartment and two mailbox keys if you have a locked mailbox. If you want to make extra copies you are welcome to do so.

What happens if I get locked out of my apartment?

If you can come to the leasing office during regular business hours we will give you another key. If we have to come out to your apartment to let you in, day or night, you will have to pay a $45 lock out fee.

Refuse Collection

Most of our properties have access to private refuse collection. The dumpsters are located on the property and are emptied at least once a week on a set schedule. Please help control the cleanliness of the property by always taking your trash to the dumpster immediately, placing the garbage inside the dumpster and closing the lid to the dumpster.


For those residents that do not have a dumpster on site for refuse please contact the City of Bloomington Public Works Department at (309) 434-2220 for schedules and information.