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We're Pet Friendly Here

We love pets here and want them to feel as welcome as you! Apartment Mart makes it easy to find pet-friendly apartments in Bloomington IL. Once you find an apartment you like, check out floorplans to start getting an idea of where to put the dog and cat beds in your new home! You can also check out the pet policy, weight limit, and any pet deposits or fees. 


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Commonly Asked Questions

If you have questions about any of our apartments click on this link to see some frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us!


Some examples of commonly asked questions are:

  • When is the rent due?
    • Rent is due on the first day of each month. If it is not paid by the 5th of the month it is considered late and a $25 late fee will be charged.

  • Will I get a full refund of my deposit when I move out?

    • We may make deductions from your deposit when you vacate for the following:

      • Final water or any other utility bill.
      • Damage beyond what is considered normal wear and tear.
      • Carpet cleaning.
      • Painting and cleaning.
  • Do I need renter's insurance?
    • We do not require you to purchase renter’s insurance, but we do encourage it.

  • What is our lease breakage policy?

    • We offer two options to break a lease.  Option 1, the tenant gives a written 30-day notice, pays two months’ rent, and forfeits the security deposit.  In this case, the tenant will be charged for any painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, maintenance, and any other charges not included in the monthly rent.  Option 2, the tenant gives a written 30-day notice to vacate and agrees to continue to pay rent until the apartment is re-rented or the lease expires.  If a rent special was applied to your account at move-in, this amount will also be included in your lease breakage fees.

Available Pet-Friendly Apartments

Apartment Mart of Bloomington, Illinois has the largest selection of pet-friendly apartment units in the area. Whether you have cats or dogs, we welcome your companions! Check out our options for apartments and then check to make sure it's pet-friendly. 


We want you to find the right apartment for your lifestyle. That is why we offer a wide range of choices. If you are unsure and have questions about price, limitations, etc. please contact us. Perhaps you are on the fence about renting one of our apartments and need to think about it but don't want to lose it. You can hold an apartment with a paid security deposit for 30 days. If you are just cruising through our site and are trying to figure out if the apartment you are looking at is pet-friendly you will see a dog icon on the bottom right of the link. An example is shown to the right.

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