Apply In-Person

Interested in applying for one of our rentals?  


Please read our rules for leasing an apartment / credit requirements before applying.  


Rental Applications are first come, first serve and are good for 30 days.  When an application is submitted and a move-in fee has been paid, this only serves to take the unit off the rental market until the application has been processed and approved by us.


If a rental application is denied by us you will be refunded the move-in fee and the unit will be put back on the rental market.


If a rental application is approved by us and you decide you don't want the apartment, your move-in fee is forfeited. 



If you'd like to apply in-person, please come by our office and be prepared to complete the below steps:

  • Come to the Apartment Mart leasing office located at 912 N.  Linden St. Bloomington IL 61701 during normal business hours to pick up a paper application and fill it out.  
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee ($40.00, which is for each person applying over the age of 18 years old and $40.00 for married couples.)
  • Pay the $350 Move In Fee (you do not have to pay the move-in fee when you first apply but we recommend it if you want the unit to be taken off the rental market and held for you while your application is being processed.) 
  • Submit your most recent pay stub or offer letter if you have not received your first pay stub yet, for each applicant applying that is employed (One week's guaranteed income must exceed or be equal to the amount of rent on the unit for which an application has been submitted. Tips, child support, and alimony are excluded as they are not guaranteed income.)
  • Submit a copy of your passport (This is only required if you DO NOT have a social security number)


Once a rental application has been submitted, it will take approx. 24-72 hours for us to review it.  If certain documents are missing a leasing agent may have to follow up with you which will delay the process.  


If all applicants meet all the requirements, then a leasing agent will reach out via email with move-in details.